I've worked with a lot of CEOs, and they all have something in common.

I learned this building enterprise software & strategy for Fortune 500 CEOs. Then CEO-ing my startup for five years from start to exit. And then supporting CEOs across western & frontier markets as executive, board advisor & investor.

Three things have always been true of CEOs regardless of company size, geography & industry. They're impatient, frugal and have the worst tools.

CEOs with primitive tools make the high leverage decisions of the company. All done with outdated technology & incorrect data using powerpoint, email, financial accounting & yes-men who will agree with whatever because job security.

The highest leverage decisions of the CEO are making bets. Diving into the CEO's largest bi-weekly expense, People. Even at the best companies, bets around people, projects & allocations are made in a highly ineffective, borderline negligent way.

Why? Because its no-one jobs and there are a lot of cracks that everything falls through. Project Management, Headcount Planning, Financial Closing, Budgeting & Reporting all work in their own happy little silos. In happy times, no one cares, and in bad times, its companies going from one crisis to another.

The future of work is shorter stints, more geographic dispersion and more people on contracts. Workforce planning is getting harder and it's only going to get worse.

In the future, the best decision makers will spin up cross functional teams quickly and compete for talent around the world. We are building the control panel for executives who want to move faster.

We're building tools for CEOs so they can get more real-time information about their business. Starting with their largest bi-weekly expense.

Side note, if you're a CEO who's 5/5 happy with their tools. Please get in touch, I'd love to learn from you