🔥 Sam Haffar has a 🚀 video (in comments) for the FounderFuel. He asked "What was the benefit you got from attending an accelerator?" feels like I'm uniquely qualified to answer as I've attended three 🤣. Here’s what I loved  about the three that I attended

FounderFuel: Ian Jeffrey & John Stokes wrote our pitch, and did their best while saying they were putting lipstick on a pig 🐷

Creative Destruction Lab: Daniel Debow & Ajay Agrawal helped us make tough choices 🚨 Geordie Rose helped us find partners

Y Combinator: every week Michael Seibel, Divya Bhat & Brad Flora pushed us to focus on solving the one thing holding us back 🕵️

The partners that were hands-on were the most helpful. The ones that dove in and helped us with direct, actionable feedback. The most helpful are truth seeking missiles that fly through your company's assumptions & pattern match common failure modes. The best then roll up their sleeves to help you solve them.

Through these experiences I realized that feedback is a gift. Unfiltered, earnest feedback is the main benefit of attending an accelerator. It was this direct feedback & weekly cadence that helped us clarify the value proposition for Agentnoon.

If you're on the fence, please apply to an accelerator. If you need some gifts of feedback 🎁 on your application, please DM me. I promise to try to draw your attention to where you may be drinking your own kool-aid.

Thank you everyone 🙏

p.s. I'm building Agentnoon which takes up all my attention, but I will do my best to help.