McKinsey in Three Minutes

Many people look at McKinsey or similar type firm employees as absolute geniuses or complete idiots. Total awe or a mix of scorn, disgust & jealousy.

Big Data and Schlep Blindness

When I was in university, I thought a typical day at a software engineering job would be full of solving complex integrals & developing our own

Ramadan Coding

In the month of Ramadan, Muslims who observe fasts don't eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. As a kid, that meant breakfast was two hours earlier. I never liked sleeping when the sun was out, so I would spend the time on the home PC. A 16 MHz 286 Turbo, with an actual button to toggle the Turbo.

On Being Stubborn & Flexible

Imagine a future where running a startup was as easy as playing your favourite strategy game  (SimCity, Command & Conquer, Civilization, Factorio...) If everyone had access


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