I learned to program in grade 8 (Basic, C, ..), and just got used to the idea that simple things (like detecting a click) were tough to do.

When i started writing code again, I realized how easy it was to build something with Javascript vs. the other alternatives. So easy in fact, that I was upset.

I mean how is it possible to track + display the position of the mouse in three lines

// choose the canvas
const canvas = document.querySelector(‘#draw’);
// listen for mouse movement
canvas.addEventListener(‘mousemove’, display);
// display the mouse x and y coordinates
function display(e){console.log(e);}


and, this is all vanilla javascript

Javascript is the opposite of my experience in building complicated software using complicated languages (ABAP was procedural, and had variable names in German like VKBUK was company code .. pure evil

I’ve learned to love javascript again, because its ridiculously easy … If you are considering to learn how to program, just stop googling and learn javascript before anything else.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.