I’ve spent more time than I should figuring out how and where I should write.

Fred Wilson wrote this blog post two years later than I needed to read it, but it still feels good to have decided to own my brand instead of going with Medium, HuffPost or something else.

Makes setting up a website (Digital Ocean + Ghost) two years ago totally worth it. All it took was a few hours over the holidays, will write up a guide when I can.

I’ve played around with many blogs in the past 10-15 years (Geocities, Blogger, Blogspot Livejournal, custom html-script), and figured out two years back that I needed to run my own domain + software. Medium with your own domain is cool nowadays, but I cannot say if Medium will be more successful than Blogger.

A great idea is to build a blog application on Blockstack, if you would like to work together on it please reach out. For now I will add it to the list of many ideas that compete for my time.